Vocational training courses are also conducted at our centre every year for the visually impaired with the age group between 18 and 40 involved in various trades. These vocational courses are predicated upon the holistic and modern approach to impart job market related skills to the visually impaired trainees and also to infuse confidence in them so that they can successfully compete with their sighted- counterparts in the open job market. Following are the vocational courses offered at our centre:

  • Executive Secretaryship - 1 year
  • Certificate Course in Office Management / Front Office Assistant - 9 months
  • Computer applications and Call Centre Operation - 4 months
  • Computer induction training for employed visually handicapped persons - 12 Weeks
  • Chair re-caning and fishnet making - 6 months (for rural based clients)
  • Training in Coping Skills for Adjustment and Education - 3 months
  • Certificate Course in Reflexology (4 months)
  • State Govt. sponsored Computer Training Course - 6 months

Applications are invited from the eligible visually impaired candidates throughout the year. Trainees admitted to theses courses are provided with hostel accommodation, food, and uniforms free of cost besides provision of monthly stipend.